Frequently Asked Question

You need to go to the respective conference page and redirect to registration page, which can be found below the prices. This is for both speakers and delegates' categories. Select the respective category and proceed further to confirm your participation.
Once the payment has been received we will email you a registration acknowledgement. However we make every effort to do this as early as possible, so please bear with us, your patience is highly appreciated..
Invitation letter is provided, who require an invitation to assist with their travel visa application. Regarding the same you can directly contact the respective conference secretary through an email.
Yes, all delegates and speakers are able to get certificates at conference registration desk and are available anytime during the conference..
Contact the respective conference secretary through email or you may directly contact at [email protected]
You can simply email to the respective conference secretary..
All conference details will be available on the corresponding conference website or for more details contact the respective conference coordinator.

Session Tracks

  • - Molecular Oncology
  • - Clinical Trials
  • - Head & Neck Cancer
  • - Gastric Cancer
  • - Lung Cancer
  • - Psycho Oncology
  • - Breast Cancer
  • - Geriatric & Supportive Care
  • - Neuro Oncology
  • - Colo – Rectal Cancer
  • - Nuclear Medicine
  • - Penile & Prostrate Cancer
  • - Bone & Soft Tissue Sarcoma
  • - Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Cancer
  • - Endometrial & Cervix
  • - Palliative Care
  • - Kidney & Bladder
  • - Pediatric Solid Tumours
  • - Onco Nursing
  • - Ovarian Cancer