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International Association of Oncology (IAO) in association with BioLeagues is organising the 4th Indo Oncology Summit 2022 on November 11th, 12th, and 13th 2022. Oncology has always been a captivating subject to become acquainted with. Cancer is the second leading cause of the death worldwide. Cancer care has come across from the Era of uncertainty to the era of precision, and the Research and Innovation in Clinical and Medical oncology has made many developments. The improvement in the Cancer care has saved many lives and prolonged the life period. Reaching the worldwide participants, 4th Indo oncology summit will celebrate the recent advances, explore the current scientific challenges, and consider the merits of emerging therapies. The precision era of medicine gave the optimistic view in surviving this fatal disease. This conference aims in providing the methods in building the precision Era in Cancer care. This is a scientific event to explore the current Advances in the oncology and wide range of methods in its improvement. The main objective of this conference is to dive deep into the Cancer care approaches.

Early Bird Registration

27th SEPTEMBER 2022

Abstract Submission

12th SEPTEMBER 2022

Registration Deadline

12th OCTOBER 2022

Onspot Registration

11th NOVEMBER 2022
  • Session Tracks
    • Track 1: Cancer Screening and Diagnostics
    • Track 2: Cancer Epidemiology
    • Track 3: Cancer Bioinformatics
    • Track 4: Cancer Biomarkers
    • Track 5: Cancer Treatment and Therapies
    • Track 6: Innovations In Cancer Research and Oncology
    • Track 7: Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery and Development
    • Track 8: Cancer Pharmacology
    • Track 9: Regenerative Medicines
    • Track 10: Cancer Management, Treatment and Prevention
    • Track 11: Medical Oncology
    • Track 12: Clinical Oncology
    • Track 13: Robotic Oncology
    • Track 14: Paediatric Oncology
    • Track 15: Neuro-oncology
    • Track 16: Oncology Nursing and Palliative Care
    • Track 17: Cancer Research and Advocacy
    • Track 18: Drug Design and Clinical Trials
    • Track 19: Cancer Drugs and Vaccines
    • Track 20: Biomedical Advancements In Cancer
    • Track 21: Cancer Diagnostics and Staging
    • Track 22: Cancer nanotechnology
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Objective Of The Conference

The 4th Indo oncology summit aims to bring together leading Medical Oncologists, students, life scientists, medical practitioners, and researchers to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Oncology.

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