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Dr. Amaresh Baliarsing

Executive Director
Rumbaugh Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research USA

Dr. Bhabani Sankar Das

Consultant and Professor of Oncology,
Division of Medical Oncology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA

Dr. Gautam Biswas

Chief Reconstructive Surgeon
Kalinga Hospitals, Bhubaneswar, India

Dr. Prabrajya Narayan Mohapatra

Oncologist / Hematologist
Resurrection Medical Center, USA

Dr. Dinesh Kadam

Illinois Cancer Specialists
United States

Dr. Kanhu Charan Patra

Sarcoma Clinic
Royal Marsden Hospital, UK

Dr. Gagan Saini

Prof and Head Department of Radiotherapy
Swami Rama Himalayan University Dehradun, India`