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It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to be a part of the Indo Oncology Summit to be held at Bhubaneswar, India between 2nd – 4th February, 2018. The theme of the conference is “Incubating Innovations, Redefining Cancer”. This will be unique forum for clinicians and scientists to review and discuss advances in early detection, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of oral cancer. The program is carried out in partnership with more than 15 national and international organizations of various countries.

IOS is a multi-disciplinary international organization that brings together clinicians and scientists, working on issues relating to the etiopathogenesis, epidemiology, prevention and management of cancer.

The three days of program will consists of keynote presentations, panel discussions, debates, video sessions, and three lunchtime seminars. Along with the scientific program the organizing committee has put together several cultural programs and site-seeing tours.

Along with the old town, the region of Bhubaneswar, historically was often depicted as Ekamra Kshetra. With the diverse ranges of heritage resources, it showcases significant sacred cultural landscape components which have evolved with the support of available natural resource base and cultural trigger. Although the modern city of Bhubaneswar was formally established only in 1948, the history of the areas in and around the present-day city can be traced to 3rd century BCE and earlier. It is a confluence of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain heritage boasting of some of some of the finest Kalingan temples. With many 6th-13th century CE Hindu temples, which span the entire spectrum of Kalinga architecture, Bhubaneswar is often referred to as a "Temple City of India". With Puri and Konark it forms the Swarna Tribhuja ("Golden Triangle"), one of eastern India's most visited destinations.

Bhubaneswar is an administrative, information technology, education and tourism city . Bhubaneswar was ranked as the best place to do business in India by the World Bank in 2014. Bhubaneswar has emerged as one of the fast-growing, important trading and commercial hub in the state and eastern India. Tourism is a major industry, attracting about 1.5 million tourists in 2011. Bhubaneswar was designed to be a largely residential city with outlying industrial areas. The economy had few major players until the 1990s and was dominated by retail and small-scale manufacturing. With the economic liberalisation policy adopted by the Government of India in the 1990s, Bhubaneswar received investment in telecommunications, information technology (IT) and higher education.

We invite you to come to Bhubaneswar and participate in the 2018 Indo – Global Oncology Summit and exchange your expertise with more than 500 specialists in the field of Oncology.